About Us

We provide hybrids and varieties of vegetable crops and field crops that help farmers to harvest maximum potential of plants, which contribute to secure food supply and sustainability. IshVed Crop Science innovation support farmers to over come various challenges of changing agriculture dynamics. Our research and development is focusing on diseases, pests and drought tolerance by applying world class technology through collaborations. Our Product portfolio consist of solanaceous crops- Tomato, Peppers and Brinjal, Brassica- Cabbage and Cauliflower, Cucurbits- Cucumber, Melons & Gourds, Okra and Leafy vegetables. At present we are focusing on some field crops. We are also concentrating on export markets through our global networks.

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Hybrid Seeds


IshVed Crop Science

Seed is basic tool for secure food supply, and critical input for sustainable agriculture. It is well known fact that good quality seeds can contribute about 15-20% increase in yield. We are committed to offer the best in class seeds of vegetable and field crops. Its not just our profession, but it is our pleasure to serve farming community. IshVed Crop Science is engaged in breeding, manufacturing and making available best quality seeds for domestic as well as international markets. We are passionate to contribute for protected as well as unprotected cultivations of vegetables. Our research and development and quality production helped us to build brand value across the globe.


We believe and continue to believe in sustainable growth of our planet, and would like to contribute in agriculture progress by delivering best in class planting materials and technical knowledge to farming communities.


Our mission is to enrich and satisfy farmers through the quality seeds of vegetables and field crops that matters.

Our Strength

  • Elite Genetic base with strong germplasm development.

  • Disease and Pest tolerant Hybrids and Varieties.

  • Experienced Agronomy services Team.

  • Excellent Research & Development work on Worlds Best Varieties.

  • Farmer Training for Pre- Harvest & Post Harvest Practices.

  • IshVed Set-up at Dubai to Cover Middle East, Africa & CIS Market.

  • IshVed Set-up at USA to capture America, and EUROPE Market.